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 Sex world records

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The biggest penis
(Jacobus study - 1935)

Biggest Penis Dr. Jacobus measured penises up to 30 cm. Their are rumors from penises up to 35 cm. The biggest penis is probably between 30 and 32 cm long.

The smallest penis
(Jacobus Study - 1935)
The smallest penis was measured by Dr. Jacobus and is only 1 cm long. This penises are called "micro penises". There exists a disease with the name "Congenital Hypoplasia" where the penis doesn't sick out at all.
The biggest penis in other countries
(Jacobus Study - 1935)
England  26,67 cm
Germany  21,59 cm.
Denmark 20,32 com.
USA 19,68 com.
Sweden 19,6 in.
France 19,6 cm.
Africa 19,05 cm.
The smallest penis
 in different countries

(Jacobus Study - 1935)
England  6,98 cm.
Germany  8,89 cm.
Denmark 12,7 cm.
USA 8,89 cm.
Sweden 12,7 cm.
France 8,89 cm.
Africa 10,16 cm.
The biggest testicles The scientist  T.H. van de Helde claimed that testicles sizes doesn't differ much. Testicles are normally not bigger than 4 - 4½ cm long und 2 - 24/5 cm wide.
But there exists a parasite worm who occupies the lymph. Because the lymph is blocked the testicles swell over the size of a medicine ball.  

In some African tribes the men wears this swollen testicles very proudly. It is considered as a symbol of potency and strength. 

The most implemented
 penis operation
The Danish plastic surgeon Dr. Jørn Ege Siana operated a penis 1100 times. He enlarged the penis from 5cm to 14,5 cm.
The biggest collection of penises In the 13 century b.C. Egypt attacked Libya. Egypt won the war and they took the penises from their defeated enemies. In total they kept over 13230 penises as trophies.
The heaviest breasts Grosse Titten In the book "The sexual anatomy of women" written by W.F. Benedict he described a women who had breasts of  11,3 kg.  Of course there are more heavy breasts but they are caused by the symptoms of  Hypertrohpy.
The biggest clitoris The Swiss biologist Albrecht von Haller claimed that during his examinations  he discovered a clitoris with the length not shorter than 30,5 cm.
The biggest bottom The black African tribes of the Hottentots have bottoms up to 1 Meter diameter.
The biggest vagina It is presumed that the Scotswomen Anna Swan (1846-1888) had the biggest vagina because of her relative body size. She was 2 meter 30 tall. 
The biggest vaginal lips Women of the south-west African tribes Benin and Venda enlarge their vaginal lips up to 18 cm to increase their attractiveness to the local men.


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